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H2 Zero (Save our water!) V-neck
It's NAP Time (National Apathy Party) V-neck
Cheese Sketch: The Tee
Special Circumstances V-neck
I failed the Turing Test: The Coffee Mug
Don't (not) Panic
I'm not middle-aged, I'm MID-CENTURY MODERN
Pearson's Pennant (and the great Canadian Flag Debate)
The Plu-perfectionists World Tour
Fake T-shirt (so sad, so over-rated) V-neck
E Pluribus Unum Percentum V-neck
Pearson's Pennant (and the great Canadian Flag Debate) V-neck
I'm not immature, I'm UNADULTERATED V-neck
HMS Terror: The Franklin Expedition
HMS Erebus: The Franklin Expedition
BS-O-Meter iPhone 7/7 Plus Case
BS-O-METER: The Coffee Mug
Trio of Trilobites V-neck
HMS Erebus and HMS Terror: The Coffee Mug
Cheese Sketch: The Coffee Mug
Warning: Contains Precious Bodily Fluids
National Apathy Party (NAP) Theme goes here V-neck
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We design groovy products for under-served markets. With the advent of print-on-demand manufacturing and fulfillment, we can now come up with obscure ideas without having to worry about whether or not anyone will actually buy them. 

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